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Collectors’ launched in 2005 and outgrew its first home in the grounds of founder Peta Trehar’s property in Bilpin. For the past few years the event has been held at the Hawkesbury Race Club in Clarendon, allowing more specialist nurseries to show their wares, and more gardeners to find them. 

The year before last the Fair said a fond farewell to its founders Peta and Peter Trahar, and Beth Stokes. After a decade of sterling effort in building the Fair, the trio has passed responsibility for its future to two plant lovers determined to uphold the integrity, passion and generous spirit of the Fair, and enable it to continue as Australia’s treasured garden event.

Linda Ross and Daniel Wheatley live and breathe plants. They have taken the tiller to steer the plant fair into the future. They have an unflagging enthusiasm for plant growers, gardeners and gardening in general. This will be their third year. 

Join the growers during one weekend in autumn, within the historic grounds of the Hawkesbury Race Club, where the biggest range of plant material is unloaded anywhere in in Australia. It’s exciting! Seeing plants, meeting the growers, sipping good coffee and getting out, connecting with our love of plants. Don’t miss out. Take a treasure home.


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