Flower Show

The Old School Flower Show is on again in 2018

The Old School Flower Show is quite simply designed to get you to bring in a piece of your garden to share with other gardeners. reminiscent of an old fashioned country fair show! With plenty of inspiring garden related prizes to win!

Photo: The flower show at the Glen Innis show. Sophie Hansen.

Bring a single flower to exhibit at the Show Room (88 on Map). Great prizes to win. Everyone welcome! 

We have memories of being mesmerised before tables laden with green bottles of home-grown flowers at country shows and we want to bring that magic back to Collectors’ Plant Fair this year. This was captured at the Glen Innis Show in this pic by Sophie Hansen from 'Local is Lovely'.

Help us resurrect the flower shows of the past – and celebrate one of life’s simple pleasures – flowers! Join in by bringing a flower to display at the Fair on April 7 and 8 (entries cloose at 1pm Sunday). Take this opportunity to show off your talents and inspire a new generation of green thumbs.

This will be a true old-fashioned flower show with entries displayed in glass bottles ranged along trestle tables in the hall. Entries will be judged on Sunday afternoon. There are many wonderful prizes to win.

So, what do you need to do?
Pick a single bloom from your garden, perhaps a rose, tropical bloom, dahlia, lily, lycorus, early camellia or unusual leaf, seed pod or interesting foliage … Bring it to the Flower Show Room (88 on Map) at the Collectors Plant Fair, from 8am Saturday 7th April to 1pm Sunday 8th April. There you can write your name, mobile phone number and the name of your flower on one of our stickers. Pay your gold coin donation (proceeds go to charity) and enjoy the fair. Flower entries will be judged at 2pm and the winners contacted by phone immediately.

The Flower Show Room will be open all weekend for serious sticky-beaking!

What flower will you bring?