Look whos' coming to our Fair! 70+ Growers

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30 Jan 2016

Greetings Collectors! Check out our amazing Line-up of plant people, growers and nurseries. We think they're pretty incredible. Time for some serious plant hunting, and bring your piggy bank. Don't forget - it's on 9/10 April 2016 at Hawkesbury Race Club

Addictive Nursery, NSW. Worselya, bromeliads, tillandsia, heliconia and unusual gingers.

Alameda Homestead Nursery, VIC. Clematis varieties and other climbers.

Andy’s Rare Plants, NSW. South African and South America bulbs.

Aloe Aloe, QLD. Flowering Aloes.

Gardening with Angus Stewart, NSW. Kangaroo paws.

Antique Perennials, VIC. Rare perennials, epimediums, woodland, prairie and hardy perennials.

Australian Carnivorous Society, NSW. Nepenthes, Venus fly traps, sarracenia and drosera.

Australian Geranium Society, NSW. Geraniums and pelargoniums.

Australian Institute of Horticulture. 

Ausplants Nursery, NSW. Grafted grevillea, eremophila, emu bush, grafted gums, bush foods and other natives.

Bamboo Creations, VIC. Bamboo specialist.

Bay Tree Nursery, NSW. Cool climate hard-to-get perennials, trees and shrubs.

Bilby Blooms, NSW. Rare and unusual native Australian plants, including black grevillea.

Botanica, VIC. Garden tours.

Candybell Nursery, Martin Ferrugia, VIC. Begonia specialist.

Coachwood Nursery, NSW. Easy, tough, rare, succulent, hanging and unusual treasures.

Cornersmith Picklery, NSW. Tuning Sydneys extra produce into pickles and preserves.

Clover Hill Rare Plants, NSW. Perennials, woodlands, orchids, galanthus, trilliums, phlomis, salvias.

Club Creek Bulb Farm, VIC. Liliums and dahlias.

Country Farm Perennials, VIC. Rare and unusual perennials.

Cut Above Tools, NSW. Quality garden tools.

Darvall Nursery, NSW. Native bush food species, tea and coffee plants, waratah.

Delightfully Fresh Organics, NSW. Organic herbs, rhubarb, garlic, fruit and vegetables.

Diggers Club, VIC. Garden Club and organic seed company.

Drewitts Bulbs, VIC. Crocus, daffodils, tulips, fritallaria, erythronium, dahlia and other autumn bulbs.

Easy Orchids, NSW. Quality Orchids.

East Coast Wildflowers, NSW. Cut flowers straight from the farm.

Feather Flower Brush, NSW. Daphne and botanically inspired stationery.

Fong Ping Orchids, QLD. Phalaenopsis, cattleaya, oncidium plus special double adeniums and hippeastrum.

Florilegium Books, NSW. The garden bookstore.

Garden Life, NSW. Hand made pots and planters.

Garden Clubs of Australia. Join your local club today. Umbrella of 680 clubs arpouond Australia.

Garry Reid Obscure Bulbs, VIC. Bulbs including albuca, arisaema, arum and galanthus.

Geranium Cottage, NSW. Geranium and pelargonium specialist, zonal, scented, species and the latest German arrivals.

Glenmore House, NSW. Idyllic and inspiring days in the country, kitchen gardening and special events.

Green E Roses, VIC. Modern and old world roses - heritage, bush, climbing, standard and weeping roses including David Austins and rugosa.

Growing Friends of the Botanic Gardens, NSW. Treasures from the Gardens.

Harland's Nursery, NSW. Unusual cacti, succulents and bulbs.

Heaven in Earth, NSW. Quality garden items, tools and beautifully crafted pieces in glass, wood, slate and terracotta.

Henry Doubleday, NSW. Unusual medicinal and edible herbs, heirloom vegetables, fruiting trees, salvia, comfrey and unusual cottage plants.

Hills District Orchids, NSW. Easily grown orchids, clivea, haworthia and pitcher plants.

Johnson Orchids, SA. Cattleya, oncidiums and phalaenopsis orchids.

Kawana Nursery, NSW. Orchids, fuchsia and hanging baskets.

Kinspirit Iris and Daylily Farm, NSW. Tall bearded iris, Louisiana iris, daylilies and succulents.

Lynn's Rare Plants, NSW. Perennials and cottage plants.

Macquarie Native Orchids, NSW. Native epiphytic orchid species and hybrids.

Maple Springs Nursery, NSW. Japanese maple specialist, bonsai.

Melanquin Gardens, NSW. Shade-loving plants and bromeliads.

Metalscape, NSW. Metal art and garden signage.

Mistydowns, VIC. Heritage and modern roses, tree and herbaceous peonies and unusual perennials.

Mt Murray Nursery (now known as Exeter Designer Plants), NSW. Cool climate favourites: clematis, daphne, dogwood, coryopsis, viburnum and witchhazels.

patio plants, NSW. Vegetable and herb seedlings ready for autumn planting.

Perennialle Nursery, NSW. Frost and dry tolerant perennials, new phlomis and rare Ebenus cretica.

Post Office Nursery, VIC. Hellebores.?

Q Nursery, NSW. Interesting heirloom shrubs and perennials.?

Rainbow Ridge, NSW. Stunning iris of all kinds.

Ray Nesci Bonsai, NSW. Bonsai and accessories.?

Ross Bolwell Begonias, NSW. Begonias and rare varieties.?

Ross Garden Tours, NSW. Unique garden tours for plant-lovers.

Secret Garden and Nursery, NSW. Edibles.

Sun Valley Plants, VIC. Grafted Australian plants including gums, grevillea, banksia, emu bush and woolly bush.

Sydney Frangipani, NSW. Frangipani hybrids and multi-grafted rainbow trees.

Tas Daffodils, TAS. Daffodils, tulips, crocus, freesia, snowdrops and flakes, galanthus and fritallaria.

The Garden Clinic, NSW. The plant doctors are here to help!?

Tinonee Orchid Nursery, NSW. Flowering orchids, new release orchids and orchid accessories.

Succulents, NSW. Rare and unusual, plus collectibles.

Tropical Garden Society, NSW. A friendly knowledgable tropical plant loving group.

Tytags, NSW. Battery operated robust garden sprayers for every garden.

Vanderbyl Vireya Nursery, NSW. More than 50 varieties of vireya, rhododendron hybrids and species.

Verdigris Fern Nursery, NSW. Exotic and rare ferns for all positions.

Wallis Creek Watergarden, NSW. Water, bog and shade-loving plants, lotus, waterlilies, water chestnuts and gingers.

Weslor Flowers Plant Nursery, QLD. 150 climbers and more than 40 hoya, rare shrubs and trees.

Wired for Living, VIC. Bespoke handmade garden sculpture.?

White House Nursery, VIC. Bulbs, shrubs, fruiting, scented, berries, perennials, specialising in nerines.

Yamina Collectors Nursery, VIC. Cool temperate collectibles, trees and shrubs.

Yellow House Perennials, NSW. Rare, unusual perennials, herbs and cottage plants.