Speakers Program

Saturday 6th April     Therapeutic Gardening


In an increasingly busy, noisy, cluttered and built up world, the availability of green space is extremely valuable for our mental, physical and social health.  


1-3pm             ‘Green Healing’ – Social and Therapeutic Horticulture.


Cultivate NSW, Royal Rehab, Secret Garden & Nursery, Royal Botanic Gardens Community Greening  and a preview of ‘Nature Heals’ a new TH book by Karen Gray, Virginia Field and Kerryn Coombs-Valeontis.

We are delighted, in conjunction with Cultivate NSW, to present ‘Green Healing’ a series of talks by highly experienced S&TH practioners who will talk about their work and the very tangible benefits resulting from various programs across a  diverse range of community and clinical settings.

Come along and hear:

  • Claire Boyle from Royal Rehab – ‘Stealth Rehabilitation’
  • Karen Gray (also representing Secret Garden and Nursery), Virginia Field and Kerryn Coombs-Valeontis joint authors of a new book ‘Nature Heals’ that demonstrates the power of gardens and nature to transform us.
  • Elizabeth Docking from the Community Greening Program, an initiative of the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, that is transforming the lives of individuals and communities across NSW.  

There will be opportunities to take part in some ‘hands on’ activities including a kokedama demonstration, creating a mini-arrangement and an EARTHART Autumn Mandala. You will also be able to try out some adaptive tools that make gardening easier.




Sunday 7th April        Meet the Plant Societies


Collectors' Plant Fair is thrilled to present a series of lively conversations about some of our favourite plants. NSW is blessed to have a large number of specialised plant societies that are happy to share plant growing information and to welcome new members. It's time to get to know them. Join us for a friendly meet and greet!


9.15am             The Rose Society of NSW

A robust discussion on roses awaits with the President Colin Hollis and UNSH Chair Kate Stanley on roses for the Sydney climate. Plus information on this vibrant club and their events throughout the year. 



10.15am             Tropical Plant Society of NSW

Get the lowdown on tropical plants from the expert, friendly and active society. We thihnk you'll come away with a new appreciation and completely enlightened wanting to redesign your garden!



11am             “Seed” Autumn Kitchen Gardening with Glenmore House and Garden 

Want to grow your own vegetables but don’t know where to start? Learn about vegetables for the cool season, preparation, sowing seeds and harvest time from the lens of experienced vegetable grower Mickey Robertson. 


12pm             Orchid Society NSW

Craig Scott Harden belongs to numerous orchid societies around Sydney. Find out why, enjoy his passion for the family Orchidaceae, the largest family of flowering plants in the botanic world while he shares tips about their care.


1pm                Bromeliad Society 

President Ian Hook will demonstrate how to grow bromeliads successfully, their care and requirements and share news from the Club. 


2pm                Australian Geranium Society 

Find out more about the Geraniaceae family from Robyn Bible. The family Geraniaceae comprises annual or perennial herbs and dwarf shrubs. Many are cultivated as ornamentals and popular container plants. Find out how to prune them. 


2:30pm         Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens

Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens was established to encourage the use and enjoyment of your Gardens. They have something for plant lovers, supporters of scientific research and conservation, and quality environmental education. Throughout the year they host a wonderful range of activities and events for members, connect the community to the Gardens and raise money to support the many projects and initiatives within your Gardens. We are delighted to welcome CEO Melissa Ellis to Collectors. 


3pm                Clivia Society NSW 

There has been an explosion of Clivia breeding throughout the world. Get the lowdown, find out why their superior hybrids are big contenders for collectors and gardeners with dry shade. We welcome President Peter Hey to the stage.