Collectors’ Plant Fair 2015

 MICHAEL McCOY International garden designer and writer

 ‘….given that for every hour I’ve spent gardening I must have spent at least  ten thinking about gardens – the plants, the processes, and planting  combinations – I’ve come up with more than my fair share of questions about  gardening and gardens’

 Saturday 11 April, 2 – 3pm Game-Changer Gardens

 Michael takes us to the gardens around the world that have most framed –  even revolutionised - the way he gardens here in Australia, and explains why

 Sunday 12 April, 12.30 – 1.30pm Deep Questions to Ask Your    Garden

 Questions to ask of your garden to make sure you’re minimizing the effects of  its inherent challenges while totally celebrating what it does best






 Sustainable landscape designer, WINNER of the 2013 RHS  Chelsea Flower Show - Best in Show

 ‘Nature has enthralled and inspired me since I was a child, and I hope my work re-engages people  with the power and joy nature brings’

 Saturday 11 April, 11am – 12 noon Connecting People to Nature

 Phillip will speak about his winning entry in the Chelsea Flower Show and how it  showcased a range of projects his company has created over the years, and  he will explain his vision for the future







 Owner of the Plant Hunters’ Nursery, a small nursery and  garden in Tasmania  specialising in unusual perennials

 ‘I still get completely absorbed in the beauty and variety of ornamental    plants. Their colour, form and even their seed pods are so inventive and    inspiring ….I still get a thrill every time a new plant flowers for the first time’

 Saturday 11 April, 12.30 – 1.30pm Guest Gardener at Chanticleer

 Sally was invited to work as Guest Gardener at Chanticleer, a large pleasure  garden near Philadelphia that has been called the most romantic,  imaginative and exciting public garden in America. She worked closely with a  30-strong team that manages this thrilling 11ha hill station garden and she will  speak about how they have achieved a dynamic, theatrical collectors’  garden.

 Sunday 12 April, 11am – 12 noon Bringing Chanticleer Home

 As a long-time collector, Sally has been fascinated by the form and colour of  individual plants as much as by their place in the garden. After her time  working at Chanticleer, one of the great gardens in America, Sally is now more focused on the impact of succession planting, saturated colours and the delights these can bring. She will share her ideas for change.



Cost per person per speaker session is $33. 

This cost includes a light lunch at 12 noon for those attending the Sunday 12 April talks.




Collectors' Plant Fair Australia's treasured gardening event
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