Love collecting Succulents?

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1 Apr 2022

We have Australia's widest range and best quality succulents and cactus, grown by the friendliest and most experienced growers in the nation. We are thrilled to welcome these growers back to Collectors' - from cuttings to specimens plants - we have it all!

Here is your list and where to find them. Download the Site Map and plan your plant hunting route.

Harland’s Nursery, NSW (Stall 43)

Easy to grow and unusual cacti, succulents and bulbs.

Just Clivias and Rare Things (Stall 14)

Clivea, cactus, massonia and rare south African bulbs.

RNT Succulents, VIC (Stall 59)

Sensational succulents 

Succulents Australia, NSW  (Stall 83)

The most beautiful array of sempervivum and echeveria you’ve ever seen! 

Kawana Nursery, NSW (Stall 24)

A family owned and operated nursery featuring a wide range of hanging baskets, collectibles and hard to find Hoyas and Dischidias.

Green Gallery, NSW (Stall 87)

Interesting succies

Coachwood Nursery, NSW (Stall 9)

Cuttings. Tough, rare, succulent, hanging and unusual treasures such as epiphyllums, Mistletoe cactus or Rhipsalis, stapelia, sedum, kalanchoe, euphorbia and tradescantia. 

Australian Succulent Farm, NSW (Stall 93)

Succulents Echeveria and Sempervivums

Jar of Life, NSW (Stall 30)

Succulents and terrariums

Mini Garden Creations (Stall 86)

Cupcake succulents and cactus

Woodside Plants, NSW  (Stall 11)

Ornamental grasses, perennials and succulents that work beautifully together.