Meet Alicia from Wild About Plants

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24 Mar 2022

Nige and Alicia met as two plant-obsessed instagrammers sharing our plant knowledge with the world. Then they fell in love in real life, after meeting at community plant collectors swap events! So naturally they combined passions --Nige with his innovative hydroponic technology he designed and built himself, tailored to aroids, with Alicia with her love for creating new hybrids and exciting interspecies crosses.

Alicia and Nige particularly love the araceae family. Who can resist those gorgeous statement philodendrons, patterned variegated monsteras, and glittery, velvety anthuriums that are a texture feast for the senses? So we sat down with them to quiz them on their leafy passion.
Where is your nursery located?
We are located in Sydney's South, not the most conventional of places for growing and breeding tropical plants I know! People usually assume we are in QLD, but we found tropical plants can be grown in all sorts of urban environments once we supplied their required growing conditions. Most anthuriums and philodendrons thrive in the city outside of tropical zones. If you can grow orchids and begonias, you've probably got the right conditions to make most of our anthuriums, especially our hybrids bred for vigour, very happy!
What are you bringing to the Collectors' Plant Fair?
In short, hybrids and hydro for the adventurous collectors! We are excited to bring many of our own unique anthurium and philodendron hybrids, along with some philodendrons and variegated monsteras we cultivated hydroponically. 
Many of our one-off collectible hybrids we made (and previously sold out batches on Instagram when they were released as seeds). Here's your second chance to grab these as seedlings - including the creme of the crop from batches like Black Pearl, Hungry Uncle, Hungry Auntie, Blue Rider and Jupiter Storm.
There are also some extra special reserve batches previously not released! These include hybrids made with 'unicorn' ingredients such as:- 
Anthurium warocqueanum (the famed Queen Anthurium, pictured), 
Anthurium veitchii (King Anthurium), 
Anthurium luxurians, 
Anthurium papillilaminum, 
Anthurium papillilaminumxdressleri
Anthurium crystallinum, 
Anthurium forgetii and so many more complex blends.
With so  many new versions, takes on old classics and favourites, there's a little delicious mystery 
So many 'flavours' to explore,  you are sure to discover something for you. Whether it's beautifully burgundy red new leaves or deep corrugated texture. Or pheraps purple-blue shimmer in leather or velvet. Perhaps glitter sparkling veins or minimalist veins in a cloud of pillowy textur. Or perhaps cute red nosed beauties we've been breeding and making them! From the super rare to the super unusual, we got you all covered with a selection you won't get anywhere else.
Everything is hand pollinated and hand propagated, seed packs come pre-germinated! Almost all plants are raised in dual-purpose media so you can either grow them hydroponically or in conventional aroid mix - grow your own way, soil-free or otherwise. 
What are you looking forward to the most?
This is our very first time at the Fair, so we look forward to meeting everyone, chat about plants and exploring together the adventures of growing, collecting and hybridising.
If you're curious about aroids, hybrids and soil-free growing in small spaces, we are excited to be joined by our friend, Australian Horticulturist of the Year 2021, Tammy Huyhn at Stall 44 Collectors' Fair stall on April 9th. Tammy is guest host of Gardening Australia and a wealth of knowledge -- so if you have any questions about how to care for houseplants in your condition, or growing aroids. 
We look forward to meeting you all and are keen to follow your journeys as you grow our plants too! All our hybrids have an Instagram hashtag so you can also check out how their siblings family are turning out! Cheers to exploring together - find us on Instagram and come say hi at the Fair!