Meet: Our Volunteers, Circles of Learning

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4 Apr 2019

The Circles of Learning Team have been volunteering with Collectors Plant Fair for three years and we are thrilled to have them back at the Fair again this year. They will be the first friendly faces you see when you arrive at the gates, so be sure give them a smile as you get ready to begin your plant-hunting adventure.

Circles of Learning is a charity working for the goodness of humanity through the implementation of programs for both children and adults in education, the arts, culture and community wellbeing.  These are run in schools and through community gardens with shared experiences of play, creativity and communication.  They have a profound effect on improving self esteem and learning and bring an awareness of the importance of living in a chemical free environment, demonstrating how living in balance with nature optimises health and learning.


Circles of Learning run weekly Garden Circles in Community Gardens around Sydney where parents and children discover the joys of nature, planting, digging, looking for bugs and using natural materials in creative ways.  They learn how to grow healing herbs and fruit and vegetables, gain hints on ways to prepare & cook healthy meals and discover ways to assist the whole family’s wellbeing.

They are the Founding Advocate organisation for Bee Day in Australia (20th May), promoting Bee Awareness to save and protect bees and our food. 

Circles of Learning  promotes Bee Awareness Day through planting bee friendly gardens, creating water stands and creating celebrations around bees.  

You can read more about Circles of Learning here  



Meet the Circles of Learning Team at Collectors' Plant Fair, April 6-7 2019, Hawkesbury Race Club, Clarendon. Buy tickets at