Meet: The Green Gallery + Check out their Jungle-baby Plant List

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4 Apr 2019

This weekend is a once-a-year opportunity to purchase plants direct from The Green Gallery. They have been growing and saving a bunch of collectable jungle plants just for us this weekend.

This includes Raphiodophora tetrasperma, Satin Pothos, Alocasias-a-plenty (Silver Dragon, Stingray, Zebrina, Sarian, Wentii, Amazonica, Bambino plus friends), Philodendrons galore (White Princess, Pink Princesses, Birkin, Prince of Orange, Heart, Tortum and plenty more..), Xanthosoma Lime Zinger, Peperomias, Pileas, Caladiums, Epipremnums, Vanilla Orchids, Calatheas, Begonia Looking Glass, Monsteras and so much more!!   


We have twisted the arm of jeremy from The Green Gallery  to give you a chance to win one of four unicorn plants:

🌱Philodendron White Princess
🍀Alocasia Silver Dragon
🌿Raphiodophora tetrasperma
🍀Alocasia Stingray

To enter, buy an online ticket to our fair, follow The Green Gallery and Collectors Plant Fair on Facebook or Instagram. In the comments, tag one of your plant-friend besties that you would like to bring along to the fair, and let us know which one of these beauties you must have in your plant-baby collection and why! Each plant will be drawn separately.

Competition closes: 9pm AEST, Friday 5th of April. The winner will be announced in time for these babies to come fresh from the nursery. You can enter as many times as you like, please use a separate comment for each plant you love and friend you tag. Winner must pick up their plant this weekend April 6/7 at the fair from Stall 91. Good luck!