Orchid Grower List

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16 Mar 2022

Meet our Orchid growers!
Find an orchid treasure! We are thrilled to announce we have TEN terrific orchid growers coming from all across AUSTRALIA. They are the best orchid growers in the country.
Image: Luisa Brimble

Dark Star Orchids, NSW (61)

A leading supplier of rare and exotic, species and hybrid, orchid species for collectors and enthusiasts.

Fong Ping Orchids,QLD (25)

Phalaenopsis, cattleya, oncidium, plus special double adeniums and hippeastrum.

Hills District Orchids, NSW (42)

Easily grown orchids, hoya, clivia, haworthiaand pitcher plants.

Johnson Orchids, SA (23)

Cattleya,oncidiums and phalaenopsis orchids.

Kawana Nursery, NSW (24)

Orchids, fuchsia and hanging baskets with desirables such as Mexican mistletoe (Rhipsalis), tassel ferns, Medinilla, Hoya, Lepismum, donkey tails and queen-of-the-night flowering cactus (Epiphyllum spp).

Macquarie Native Orchids, NSW (42)

Native epiphytic orchid species and hybrids.

Orchid Mania, QLD (18)

Species orchids inc. bulbophyllums, coelogyne, dendrobium, paphiopedilums (slipper orchids in bud), and flowering size hybrids inc. cattleya, dendrobiums and oncidiums.

Orchid Species Plus, VIC (19)

A family owned and operated nursery in Kingston, a small rural town in central Victoria, about 30 mins from Ballarat.

Orchids of Distinction (51)

Products for orchid growers: trays, pots, hangers, fertilisers and accessories

Tinonee Orchid Nursery, NSW (34)

Flowering orchids, new release orchids and orchid accessories.