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3 Apr 2019

Drum roll please. The A-Z of this year's rare and collectible plants (some never seen before) and all your old favourites. A taste of what you can expect to find this weekend. Print out our SITE MAP and plan your plant hunting route.

AROIDS:  You will find incredible Amorphophallas, Alocasia, Anthirrium and Philodendron collections this weekend. Leaf blades may be variously lobed or divided, and in some groups window-like holes may occur naturally in the leaves. Stall 39, 78. 

AQUATICS: You’ll find lotus, waterlilies other water plants like the porcupine quill rush, lotus, waterlilies, canna, water chestnuts and gingers. Stall 17.

BROMS and TILLY’S: Collectible tillandsias and bromeliads. Stall 47, 98, 79, 97

BULBS/ CORMS/ TUBERS/ RIZOMES: We have a huge array of tulips, hyacinth, alliums, bearded iris, daffodils, dahlia, iris, ixia and nerines. Plus a big range of rare South African and South American flowering bulbs like massonia, Boophone. Stall 9, 13, 14, 15, 26, 32, 36, 63, 41, 50, 43

CLIMBERS: Hoya, clematis, stephanotis, climbing frangipani, Stall 7, 33, 77

EDIBLES: Citrus, fruit trees, veggies, bush fruits, herbs, garlic and rhubarb. Stall 3, 62, 82, 66, 45, 74, 103.

FERNS: Exotic and rare ferns for all positions. Stall 48

GERANIUMS: Stall 21, 90,

INDOORS: We have 100’s of happy houseplants needing homes– including tropical plants, palms, hanging plants, succulents, cacti, and more unusual varieties such as air plants and carnivorous plants. Hanging indoor baskets with desirables such as Mexican mistletoe (Rhipsalis), tassel ferns, Medinilla, Hoya, Lepismum, donkey tails and queen-of-the-night flowering cactus (Epiphyllum spp). This includes Raphiodophora tetrasperma, Satin Pothos, Alocasias-a-plenty (Silver Dragon, Stingray, Zebrina, Sarian, Wentii, Amazonica, Bambino plus friends), Philodendrons galore (White Princess, Pink Princesses, Birkin, Prince of Orange, Heart, Tortum and plenty more..), Xanthosoma Lime Zinger, Peperomias, Pileas, Caladiums, Epipremnums, Vanilla Orchids, Calatheas, Begonia Looking Glass, Monsteras and so much more!!   Start an indoor jungle or add to your collection. Stall 91, 24, 39

NATIVES:  Natives galore, including indigenous tubestock, grafted wattles, eucalypts, banksia, orchids, grevilleas, wildflowers, shrubs and trees Stall 5, 40, 81, 65, 89, 57, 70, 65, 86, 72,

ORCHIDS:  Orchids have had a 200-year journey from the tropical jungles to become the nation's most popular houseplant. These days it’s much easier to get your hands on a rare tropical orchid! You will find a great range of species orchids, bulbophyllums, coelgyne, dendrobium, paphiopedilums (slipper orchids in bud) cattleya and oncidiums plus tillandsia and tassel ferns. Find your favourite species and hybrid specialist orchid nurseries Stall 12, 19, 23, 25, 42, 25, 34, 61, 60, 

PERENNIALS: Rare and garden worthy perennials, alpines, bulbs and ornamental grasses. This includes some remarkable Agapanthus, Salvia, Astrantia, Agastache, Verbascum, Bergenia, Achillea, Echineacea, Primula, Epimedium and Geranium plus a range of Prairie and Woodland species. Stall 4, 9, 16, 44, 71, 74, 83, 84, 88

ROSES: Stall 69

SEEDS: Stall 30 and 45

SHRUBS:  Camellia, vireya rhododendron, lilac, weigilia, viburnum. Stall 20, 67, 80, 86, 52, 59, 68, 35

SUCCULENTS & CACTUS: Succulents are great for the collector with limited space. You can cram so many in on shelves and benches. Don’t you love it when your succulent flowers! We love the colours, textures, shapes and tones available. You’ll find succulents at Stall 6, 10, 85, 87, 43, 97 and 91.

TREES: Autumn is the perfect time to plant a shade tree. We have a huge variety to choose from for all climates: acers, dogwood, hamamelis, frangipani, birch, cedars, spruce, firs, coryopsis, viburnum, witchhazels, conifers, magnolias and maples. Stall 1, 3, 70, 68, 49, 35, 77

TROPICALS: The biggest range of tropical plants. See the list here Stall 8, 39, 78

VEGETABLES: Collectors is timed perfectly for starting a veggie patch. Easter and the school holidays are coming up, when you can start soil prep and planting. You will find certified organic veggie seedlings, garlic, rhubarb at Stall 66 and certified organic vegetable seeds + herbs Stand 45. Herbs 82.