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Meet: Alex Wright from MORE plants

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

More Plants is a Sydney based plant store, run by plant enthusiast Alex Wright.

Housed in Rosebery, all plants are lovingly hand picked by Alex and checked before reaching the plant store. She specializes in unique & unusual indoor plants,

Alex says “Growing up my mum was an avid outdoor gardener so since a young age I’ve always enjoyed getting my hands dirty. But it wasn’t until I started growing plants indoors a few years back that I really fell in love with plants.”

“I used to take a couple of trips to Melbourne every year and envy the great range of nursery’s and plant stores they had, so in 2018 I decided to try my hand at creating something similar in Sydney.”

Alex opened the doors to her brick and mortar plant store in February 2020 and it's been a wild ride of fabulous philodendrons, anthuriums, begonias and anything unique and unusual ever since! She will also have some soil mixes and pots.

Here are some plants you can expect to see:

We look forward to welcoming Alex to her first Collectors' Plant Fair as stallholder. Find Alex MORE plants at Stall 32.

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