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Meet: Khan van Grecken

Plumeria Nursery is based on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales with a special focus on rare and unique plants that are masterpieces for your collection.


Owner Khan van Grecken has developed his passion from an early age growing rare and exotic specimens. A true collector with a keen artistic eye, and trained as a graphic designer, Khan is drawn to the visually spectacular in form, colour and texture.


Plumeria Nursery specialises in:

* rare large variegated Alcantareas - dramatic structural forms which are an excellent accent plant adding definition to a landscape,

*neo mini beauties,

*spectacular variegated Monstera specimens grown on vertical poles,

*tillandsias perfect for making beautiful living sculptures,

* rare collectible frangipanis with flowers ranging from deep crimson to pale pink, white and yellow to orange,

*Pitcher plant which produces stunning leaf formations with a funnel or ‘pitcher’. 


For Khan the landscape is like an artwork, you can produce spectacular results by using colour to really make nature pop!


Plumeria Nursery is set on a beautiful peninsular surrounded by indigenous vegetation.

Khan has a big vision for the future saying "there are a lot of projects happening right now and there is a lot i want to achieve as i slowly work towards my goals - constantly evolving just like nature itself. I have the commitment and passion to keep creating and providing special statement plants large and small".


You will find Khan's plants at Stall 54 at Collectors' Plant Fair.


Instagram: @plumerianursery

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