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Meet: Margaret Jackson from Maple Springs Nursery and Gory'u

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Margaret & Alan Jackson grow the largest collection of Japanese Maples in Australia at their nursery, Maple Springs, in Little Hartley.

They have been regulars at Collectors’ Plant Fair since the Bilpin days. You’ll find over 250 of varieties of Japanese Maples and cold climate trees, conifers and shrubs.

You’ll find Maple Springs Nursery in the heart of a unique and authentic Japanese garden, Gory'u. This is the Japanese name for confluence in English which means where the waters meet or where two rivers converge in this case a lake of water meets a dry landscape lake converging to form one.

Gory'u Japanese Gardens is a strolling garden with a huge variety of Japanese maples and conifers of all colours, exceptional panoramic views of Sugar Loaf Mountain (Satokibi yama), Mt York (Maunto yoko) and Hassan’s Walls (Hassan'u~oruzu).

Alan visits Japan annually, and is passionate about Japanese garden design and culture. The Japanese garden was originally located in Katoomba in 1986. Alan moved a few years later to its current location in Little Hartley after finding the perfect location with an important Mt Fuji shaped mountain in the borrowed landscape. The Mount Fuji-esque silhouette of Sugarloaf Mountain now backgrounds a strolling garden around a large lake. Alan says there are five elements needed for a splendid Japanese garden; Earth, sand and stone; water; lanterns, pagodas and water basins; bridges and islands; and, of course, plants like their beautiful maples.

Head to Baaners Lane Little Hartley, just over the Blue Mountains in NSW and follow the signs to see this garden for yourself. The garden won't reach its crescendo for another few decades, it's an inspiring visit right now. Or catch up with Margaret Jackson at the Fair.

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