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Meet: Nikky Slipper!

We are stoked to finally welcome Nicky’s Slippers from Adelaide, South Australia.

Nikky was meant to come last year but floodwaters kept him away. Nicky specialises in the breeding and culture of gorgeous Paphiopedilum Orchids (otherwise known as Paph’s, Slippers or Slipper Orchids).

Nicky has 60 years of experience growing and breeding Slipper Orchids in different climates (Switzerland, England & Australia).

Everything is done in-house - his orchids are bred in Australia for Australian conditions from his huge breeding stock (not from imported flasks). As a result many customers have won prizes at orchid shows. We’ll be making a beeline for Nikky’s Slippers, SA (Stall 31).

Collectors’ Plant Fair is the perfect weekend to catch up with your favourite plant buddies & hook up for the best day plant shopping.

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