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Meet: Plantska

Today’s hybridising genius @plantska_au comes from St Peters in inner city Sydney, and has spent the last five years breeding rare anthuriums.

You’ll find Plantska in the heart of Collectors‘ Fair with their incredible array of moody dark foliaged rarities. Here is just a few that you can expect to see.

Chris says “I’m super grateful to be able to call what I do “work”. I love thinking about all the potential hybrid possibilities out there, and then making them a reality. The “unknown” element of what might come out of a particular pairing is always so exciting and is what keeps me motivated!”

Collectors’ Plant Fair is the perfect weekend during April 15-16 to catch up with your favourite plant buddies. Tag them here and hook up for the best day plant shopping.


Tickets are on sale now. Online tickets are recommended. If you are having trouble seeing or getting onto the tickets page, just change your browser and go from safari to chrome!

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