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Did somebody say INDOOR UNICORN?

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Find your perfect indoor unicorn at one of our specialist houseplant growers!

Meet our indoor plant growers, breeders & hybridisers who have assembled for the best year ever. Over one weekend you will have exclusive access to their rare and wonderful plants. Introducing our inspiring indoor unicorn growers and the plant babies. Download our Site Plan and plan your plant hunting route before you arrive.

Alicia and Nigel from Wild About Plants

Alicia and Nigel are coming down from their tropical plant farm in Far North Queensland to delight us once more with their rare and unusual tropicals. These star crossed lovers are pioneers of hydroponically grown philodendrons and anthirriums catering to urban city dwellers who want soil-free growing. Their verrucosum x silver pasta was featured in Aroids Australia Jan 23 edition! Think splendid, majestic and verrucosum crosses - and variegated monsters - super cool!

Jar of Life

Indoor terrariums are perfect little biomes of nature. Colourful and magical ecosystems they will delight all who are lucky enough to have one on their coffee table or bedside table.

AJ from Growing Grounds

Meet AJ, her collectible indoor plants and grow poles straight from her Rockdale greenhouse. AJ sends her plants all around the world and delights us with updates from her patch of paradise. She'll be bringing variegated indoor unicorns, grow verticals, stunning begonias, saxifraga and unusual philos. She is the official representative of Growth Technology – and is proud to announce the launch of new product, Root Zone, during the weekend.

Jan from Sydney Plant Guy

We are delighted to have Jan join us this year. You will have an opportunity to meet Jan, talk aroids and his famous 'grow poles', water and nutrients. Hugely popular on insta and Youtube, Jan is renown for his moss poles, pole extensions, air layering and aroid collection.

Tim from Grow Vertical

Growth Technology and grow poles for happy house plants. Tim’s the official rep and stockist of NZ Tree Fern Fibre, and is the owner of Grow Vertical. Tim is an avid Philodendron hybridiser and will be offering some of his special philo hybrids for the first time.

Chris from Plantska

@plantska_au comes from inner city Sydney, and has spent the last five years breeding rare anthuriums. You’ll find Plantska in the heart of Collectors‘ Fair with their incredible array of moody dark foliaged rarities. Chris says “I’m super grateful to be able to call what I do “work”. I love thinking about all the potential hybrid possibilities out there, and then making them a reality. The “unknown” element of what might come out of a particular pairing is always so exciting and is what keeps me motivated!”

Daddynodes & Queenplants

Indoor plant unicorns: hoya, anthurium, philos, clarinervium, crystal noir, black x hoff, variegated micans, callistophylla, sabah and so much more.

Khan from Tilly's Air Plants/ Plumeria Nursery

Super rare indoor plants on grow pole variegated Monstera and friends, plus tillandsias.

Alex from MORE Plants

More Plants is a Sydney based plant store, run by plant enthusiast Alex Wright. Housed in Rosebery, all plants are lovingly hand picked and checked before reaching our store. Specialising in unique & unusual indoor plants such as variegated Monstera, philodendron, begonias and peperomia.

Jeremy from The Green Gallery

A colourful array of unusual houseplants grown in North Western Sydney by self confessed plant nerd Jeremy Crichton.

Collectors' Plant Fair looks forward in delighting your senses once again.

Easy-to-read maps are ready to download.

Print one out and bring it with you.

Happy plant hunting folks!

Collectors' Plant Fair

April 15-16, 2023

Hawkesbury Race Club

Clarendon NSW

Remember, if you get stuck finding something or someone, see our Horticulturist at Information, inside the front gate.

Tickets are on sale now. Online tickets are recommended.

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