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Meet: our Orchid Growers

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

So many specialist orchid growers will be under the one roof for only one weekend. There will be an abundance of flowering orchids including: Cattleyas, Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, Phalaenopsis, coelogyne, paphiopediums, Bulbophyllums, Cymbidiums & Gongoras.

Here's who to expect and what they'll bring.

Image: Linda Ross and Luisa Brimble

Andy’s Rare Plants, NSW (Stall 36)

From cool climate to sub-tropical, South African and South America bulbs, orchids, trees, shrubs and climbers. Join plant nuts Andrew Harvie, Keith Tollis and Colin Hunt for an incredible collection of rare & collectible plants.

Dark Star Orchids, NSW (Stall 61)

A leading supplier of rare and exotic, species and hybrid, orchid species for collectors and enthusiasts.

Fong Ping Orchids, QLD (Stall 25)

Phalaenopsis, cattleya, oncidium, plus special double adeniums and hippeastrum.

Hills District Orchids, NSW (Stall 42)

Easily grown orchids, hoya, clivea, haworthia and pitcher plants.

Kawana Nursery, NSW (Stall 24)

Orchids, fuchsia and hanging baskets; Mexican mistletoe, tassel ferns, Medinilla, Hoya, Lepismum, donkey tails and queen-of-the-night flowering cactus (Epiphyllum spp)

Macquarie Native Orchids, NSW (Stall 42)

Native epiphytic orchid species and hybrids.

Nikky's Slippers, SA (Stall 31) NEW

We are stoked to finally welcome Nicky’s Slippers from Adelaide, South Australia. Nicky specialises in the breeding and culture of gorgeous Paphiopedilum Orchids (otherwise known as Paph’s, Slippers or Slipper Orchids. Nicky has 60 years of experience growing and breeding Slipper Orchids in different climates (Switzerland, England & Australia). He does everything in-house - his orchids are bred in Australia for Australian conditions from his huge breeding stock (not from imported flasks). As a result many of his customers have won prizes at orchid shows.

Orchid Mania, QLD (Stall 18)

Species orchids inc. bulbophyllums, coelogyne, dendrobium, paphiopedilums (slipper orchids in bud), and flowering size hybrids inc. cattleya, dendrobiums and oncidiums.

Orchid Species Plus, VIC (Stall 19)

A family owned and operated nursery in Kingston, a small rural town in central Victoria, about 30 mins from Ballarat.

Orchids of Distinction (Stall 51)

Products for orchid growers: trays, pots, hangers, fertilisers and accessories

The Orchid Place (Stall 73)

Products for orchid lovers, orchid specialist

Tinonee Orchid Nursery, NSW (Stall 34)

Flowering orchids, new release orchids and orchid accessories.

Johnson Orchids, SA (Stall 23)

Cattleya, oncidiums and phalaenopsis orchids.

Collectors' Plant Fair looks forward in delighting your senses once again.

Easy-to-read maps are ready to download.

Print one out and bring it with you.

Happy plant hunting folks!

Collectors' Plant Fair

April 15-16, 2023

Hawkesbury Race Club

Clarendon NSW

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