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Meet: our Succulent & Cacti growers

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

It's time to familiarise yourself with the succulent and cactus specialists coming to the fair. Here's a sneak peek of who's coming in 2023! The variety is incredible and there's something for everyone.

From the commonly grown to the super rare, plant collectors and garden designers will be amazed at the range of succulent and cacti rarely seen in nurseries. Meet our growers and see what they're bringing.

Andy’s Rare Plants, NSW (Stall 36)

From cool climate to sub-tropical, South African and South America bulbs, orchids, trees, shrubs and climbers. Join plant nuts Andrew Harvie, Keith Tollis and Colin Hunt for an incredible collection of rare & collectible plants.

Australian Succulent Farm, NSW (Stall 22)

Succulent specialist for collectors

Coachwood Nursery, NSW (Stall 9)

Tough, rare, succulent, hanging and unusual treasures such as epiphyllums (jungle cactus), Rhipsalis (Mexican mistletoe), stapelia, sedum, kalanchoe and euphorbia. Cuttings and plants.

Green Gallery, NSW (Stall 6)

Interesting array of indoor plants, tropical, rare and unusual plus flowering plants.

Jar of Life, NSW (Stall 71)

Terrariums, unusual cactus and succulents ... beautifully grown!

Juicy Plant Co, NSW (Stall 77) NEW


Just Clivias and Rare Things (Stall 14)

Caudex plants, unusual clivea hybrids, massonia and rare South African bulbs.

Kawana Nursery, NSW (Stall 24)

Orchids, fuchsia and hanging baskets; Mexican mistletoe, tassel ferns, Medinilla, Hoya, Lepismum, donkey tails and queen-of-the-night flowering cactus (Epiphyllum spp)

Mother Earth Nursery (Stall 15)

Collectible treasures

RNT Succulents, VIC (Stall 59)

Online succulent nursery from Victoria

Succulents Australia, NSW (Stall 8)

Sempervivum and echeveria

Susan's Succulents, NSW (Stall 60) NEW

Online succulent nursery and workshops

Woodside Plants, NSW (Stall 11)

Ornamental grasses, perennials and succulents.

Collectors' Plant Fair looks forward in delighting your senses once again.

Easy-to-read maps are ready to download.

Print one out and bring it with you.

Happy plant hunting folks!

Collectors' Plant Fair

April 15-16, 2023

Hawkesbury Race Club

Clarendon NSW

Remember, if you get stuck finding something or someone, see our Horticulturist at Information, inside the front gate.

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