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This year's show is filled with growers that have been with us since day one, plus some exciting new growers, first-timers, we know you'll love.

You’ll find slipper orchids, angel trumpets, grow-pole houseplants, fab fuchsias, bird attracting salvia, crazy cactus, veggie seeds, super rare indoor unicorns, sassy succulents and a few cool indoor-plant celebs... we couldn't be happier with who’s coming and the range of plants on offer, plus ALL the usual suspects.

There is plenty of new plants and new faces on offer this year…. plants never seen before for sale! So strap in and join us for the wildest plant hunting weekend of the year.

Collectors' Plant Fair looks forward in delighting your senses once again. Easy-to-read maps are ready to download. Print one out and bring it with you.

Happy plant hunting folks!

Remember, if you get stuck finding something or someone, see our Horticultural Helpers at Information (inside the front gate). 




See our friendly horticultural staff for where to find your favourite plants and plant people. 

Addictive Nursery, NSW (Stall 7)

Growers of easy-to-grow tropicals and stunning rare blue Hippeastrum (Worselya procera), bromeliads, tillandsia, heliconia, clivia, elks, palms and unusual gingers (spiral & beehive). Plus Mark Cant's clivea breeding including the dwarf red clivea.

Andy’s Rare Plants, NSW (Stall 36)

From cool climate to sub-tropical, South African and South America bulbs, orchids, trees, shrubs and climbers. Join plant nuts Andrew Harvie, Keith Tollis and Colin Hunt for an incredible collection of rare & collectible plants.

Ausplants R Us Nursery, NSW (Stall 69)

Grafted grevillea, Eremophila (Emu bush), grafted gums, bush foods and other native Australian plants.

Australian Carnivorous Plant Society, NSW (Stall 46)

Carnivorous plants such as Nepenthes, Saracenia and sun dew.

Australian Geranium Society, NSW (Stall 21)

Species geraniums and pelargoniums by living treasure Robyn Bible.

Australian Succulent Farm, NSW (Stall 22)

Succulent specialist for collectors

Bilby Blooms, NSW (Stall 5)

Rare and unusual native Australian plants, including rare banksia & eucalypts.

Camellias R US, NSW (Stall 52)

All the major species including, sasanqua, japonica, reticulata and hybrid camellias. They have one of the largest ranges of camellias in Australia with around 300 different varieties 

Club Creek Bulb Farm, VIC (Stall 50)

Growers of sensational liliums and dahlias cultivars. 

Coachwood Nursery, NSW (Stall 9)

Tough, rare, succulent, hanging and unusual treasures such as epiphyllums (jungle cactus), Rhipsalis (Mexican mistletoe), stapelia, sedum, kalanchoe, euphorbia Cuttings and plants. 

Daddynodes, NSW (Stall 27) NEW

Indoor unicorns.

Dark Star Orchids, NSW (Stall 61)

A leading supplier of rare and exotic, species and hybrid, orchid species for collectors and enthusiasts. Located in the beautiful Mid North Coast of NSW, Hans is a leading orchid grower and online orchid seller of rare and exotic orchid species for collectors and enthusiasts. 

Di's Delightful Plants, VIC (Stall 53)

Flowering perennials, such as salvia and buddlia, plus edibles from The Yarra Valley.

Drewitt’s Bulbs, VIC (Stall 37)

Tim has a stunning collection of 60 varieties of tulips, ixia, daffodils, allium, crocus, fritallaria, erythronium, autumn bulbs, Pleonie orchids, dahlias and liliums.

Fong Ping Orchids, QLD (Stall 25)

Phalaenopsis, cattleya, oncidium, plus special double adeniums and hippeastrum.

Fruit Salad Tree Company, NSW (Stall 13)

Kerry West and family have been multi-grafting specialty fruit trees to a high standard for decades. Citrus, Apples and Stone fruit.

Green E Roses, NSW (Stall 68)

Heavenly modern and old world roses - heritage, bush, climbing, standard and weeping roses including David Austin’s, rugosa and mutablilis.

Green Gallery, NSW (Stall 6)

Interesting array of indoor plants, tropical, rare and unusual plus flowering plants.

Grow Vertical, NSW (Stall 41) NEW

Supplier of Grow Vertical and their advanced vertical plant supports, NZ Fernwood Tree Fern Fiber, Rare and popular collector’s Philodendrons and other Aroids. You’ll also find large mature plants already mounted to their unique support system. They’ll also have Alan Ford coming out from NZ to talk to customers about his Tree Fern fiber which will be available on the day. So make sure you bring your trolley.

Growing Grounds, NSW (Stall 40) NEW

Meet AJ and her collectible indoor plants straight from her Rockdale greenhouse.  She'll be bringing variegated indoor unicorns, grow verticals, stunning begonias, saxifraga and unusual philos. She is the official representative of Growth Technology – and is proud to announce the launch of new product, Root Zone, during the weekend.

Harland’s Nursery, NSW (Stall 43)

Easy to grow and unusual cacti, succulents and bulbs.

Hills District Orchids, NSW (Stall 42)

Easily grown orchids, hoya, clivea, haworthia and pitcher plants.

Jar of Life, NSW (Stall 71)

Terrariums, unusual cactus and succulents.

Johnson Orchids, SA (Stall 23)

Cattleya, oncidiums and phalaenopsis orchids.

Juicy Plant Co, NSW (Stall 77) NEW

Cactus varieities.

Just Clivias and Rare Things (Stall 14)

Clivea, massonia and rare South African bulbs.

Kawana Nursery, NSW (Stall 24)

Orchids, fuchsia and hanging baskets; Mexican mistletoe, tassel ferns, Medinilla, Hoya, Lepismum, donkey tails and queen-of-the-night flowering cactus (Epiphyllum spp)

Kinspirit Iris and Daylily Farm, NSW (Stall 12)

Tall bearded iris, Louisiana iris, daylilies and succulents.

Macquarie Native Orchids, NSW (Stall 42)

Native epiphytic orchid species and hybrids.

Maple Springs Nursery, NSW (Stall 49)

Japanese maple specialist, bonsai.

Melanquin Gardens, NSW (Stall 47)

Shade-loving plants, fabulous foliages and stunning bromeliads including stags, elks and bat plants.

Mother Earth Nursery (Stall 15)

Collectible treasures

More Plants, NSW (Stall 32) NEW

We look forward to welcoming Alex to her first fair as a stallholder. Alex loves to grow philodendrons, anthuriums, begonias and anything unique and unusual and will also have some soil mixes and pots.

Nikky's Slippers, SA (Stall 31) NEW

We are stoked to finally welcome Nicky’s Slippers from Adelaide, South Australia. Nicky specialises in the breeding and culture of gorgeous Paphiopedilum Orchids (otherwise known as Paph’s, Slippers or Slipper Orchids. Nicky has 60 years of experience growing and breeding Slipper Orchids in different climates (Switzerland, England & Australia).

Orchid Mania, QLD (Stall 18)

Species orchids inc. bulbophyllums, coelogyne, dendrobium, paphiopedilums (slipper orchids in bud), and flowering size hybrids inc. cattleya, dendrobiums and oncidiums. 

Orchid Species Plus, VIC (Stall 19)

A family owned and operated nursery in Kingston, a small rural town in central Victoria, about 30 mins from Ballarat. 

Orchids of Distinction (Stall 51)

Products for orchid growers: trays, pots, hangers, fertilisers and accessories

Orchid Place (Stall 73)

Products for orchid lovers, orchid specialist

PBM Nursery, VIC (Stall 1)

Beautiful trees and shrubs, specialising in mature sizes.

Plantska, NSW (Stall 26) NEW

Rare anthurium hybrids

Post Office Farm, VIC (Stall 28)

Hellebore hybrids

Queenplants, NSW (Stall 27) NEW

Known as Wirra Willa Orchids

Ray Nesci Bonsai, NSW (Stall 45)

Bonsai and accessories.

RNT Succulents, VIC (Stall 59)

Online succulent nursery from Victoria

Seekers Nursery, Northern NSW (Stall 67) NEW

Perennials, fuchsia, salvia, brugmansia, chrysanthemums & gaura

Strange World Carnivores (Stall 63)

Carnivorous collector plants

Succulents Australia, NSW (Stall 8)

The largest distributor of succulents in the country with thousands of exotic plants from around the world to suit everyone; from a first time buyer to an avid succulent collector. Their diverse collection will complement landscapes, gardens, balconies and look great as home decor. Sempervivum, Lithops, Haworthia, Mesembs, Crassula, Duddleia, Crested, Gasteria, Graptoveria , Aloe, Agave, Aeonium, Sedums, Sedeveria and Echeveria.

Susan's Succulents, NSW (Stall 60)  NEW

With more than 10 years of growing experience, Susan’s Succulent nursery is one of the biggest succulent nurseries in the Central Coast, just an hour from Sydney. Covering 2,000 sq/m of growing area with more than 150,000 plants and over 300 varieties, Susan collects succulents from all over the world while creating our new hybrids to ensure you can always find something special to add to your collection.

Sustainable Natives, NSW (Stall 4)

Bush tucker plants such as finger limes, mint, lemons, bush tomato and black apple

Sydney Wildflower Nursery, NSW (Stall 55)

Dave Rose’s nursery in Heathcote is a wonderland of native wildflowers and bush foods.

Swanes Garden Care, NSW (Stall 62)

Hanging baskets

Tilly’s Air Plants, NSW (Stall 54)

Khan van Greckan is bringing his beautifully grown collection of unusual frangipani, tillandsia (air plants), Sarracenia (trumpet pitchers) and rare grow-pole variegated Philodendron & Monstera cultivars.

Tinonee Orchid Nursery, NSW (Stall 34)

Flowering orchids, new release orchids and orchid accessories.

Tonkin's Bulbs and Perennials, VIC (Stall 38)

Rare bulbs and perennials from Mt Macedon

Tropical Garden Society of Sydney, NSW (Stall 56)

A friendly and knowledgeable tropical plant loving group to encourage your love of tropical plants and gardens.

Underplants, NSW (Stall 72)

Collectible tillandsias and bromeliads.

Urban Veggie Patch Market, NSW (Stall 2) NEW

Veggie and flower seeds, harvest trugs and diary planners.

Vanderbyl’s Vireya Nursery, QLD (Stall 70)

An extensive range of Vireya or tropical rhododendron

Verdigris Fern Nursery, NSW (Stall 48)

Exotic and rare ferns for all positions.

Vogue Plants (Stall 64) NEW

Growers of quality indoor and outdoor collectible plants from Aloes, Seseveria, Echeveria to Peperomia, Bromeliads and much more.

Wallis Creek Watergarden, NSW (Stall 16)

A unique selection of lotus hybrids, hardy & tropical waterlilies, other water plants like the porcupine quill rush, lotus, waterlilies, water chestnuts and gingers.

Weslor Flowers Plant Nursery, QLD (Stall 33)

150 climbers and more than 40 hoya, rare shrubs and trees.

Wild About Plants, FNQ (Stall 35)

Rare indoor unicorns, breeding and hybridising duo specialising in Anthurium, Monstera and Philos.

Wollemi Pine, VIC  (Stall 78) NEW

The Wollemi Pine is one of the world's oldest and rarest plants dating back to the time of the dinosaurs. Thought to be extinct the Wollemi Pine was rediscovered in 1994 in a remote part of the Wollemi National Park in the Blue Mountains. With less than 100 adult trees known to exist in the wild, we are very proud to be an integral part of the regeneration of the Wollemi Pine and as the global custodians are working hard to help safeguard the survival of this prehistoric beauty. You can assist in the conservation effort by growing your own Wollemi Pine and becoming part of one of the most dramatic comebacks in natural history.

Woodside Plants, NSW (Stall 11)

Ornamental grasses, perennials and succulents.

Yamina Rare Plants, VIC (Stall 20)

Peter Tease has a huge range of collectible exotic trees and shrubs including conifers, magnolias, maples and arums. 




Botanica Travel, VIC (Stall 29) NEW

Garden Tours - Catch up with Judy Horton to talk about upcoming garden tours

Broadcroft Design, QLD (Stall 58)

Beautiful corten sculptures for the garden, designed and made on the Sunshine Coast.

Collectors' Plant Fair Information Booth (i)

Qualified horticulturist with knowledge of our stallholders and their stock.

Cut Above Tools (Stall 17)

Quality garden tools.

First Aid (Stall 100)

First aid services provided by St John's Ambulance.

Hawkesbury Visitor Centre (Stall HVC)

Hawksebury Visitor Information Centre.

Kev’s Quirky Creations (Stall 75)

Rustic metal art and garden sculptures, collectible Rhipsalis varieties

Mallee Designs (Stall 57)

Copper spun birdbaths from Australian garden designer Kath Gadd

Munash Organics (Stall 76) NEW

Organic fertilisers

Natura Jewellery (Stall 30)

Nature Inspired Jewellery

Plant Creche (Stall 100)

Drop off your plants here and keep shopping. Pick them up, in the car, as you leave.

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