Hello Plant Hunters and Collectors,

"Its coming. The one weekend of the year when all moderation heads out the window. The weekend you tell yourself things like “I’ll just buy this one little weird native orchid because I’ll likely never see it again and the grower is lovely and I just think I need it and because it’s so small it’ll fit in to my already over-full courtyard.’ Five minutes later the same conversation occurs, this time regarding a special little begonia, or maybe a funny succulent thing. Yes, plant lovers, the Collectors Plant Fair is coming" Georgina Reid, The Plant Hunter 



This Weekend

April 6/7

Saturday 8am-4pm

Sunday 9am-4pm

Hawesbury Race Club, Clarendon, NSW


The biggest range of PLANTS available in Australia.

Aroids. Orchids. Bonsai. Books. Succulents. Palms. Bromeliads. Houseplants. Bulbs. Perennials. Indoor Plants. Shrubs. Natives. Seeds. Garden Tools. Ferns. Pots. Planters. Coffee. Food. Vegetables. Fruit trees. Garlic. Carnivorous. Tropical. Subtropicals. Cold climate. Sculpture. 


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